Monday, June 15, 2009

Get out your pencil and paper...

I actually said those words today! It was much better to say those words than hear those words. I'm sure it would be even nicer to not do either but I'm going to enjoy this extra money. I went to Michael's yesterday to get mine and Matt's college diploma's framed for 60% off. Still very expensive! We are going to put down a patio at some point in time and we'll need outdoor furniture. My other item on my wish list is a deep freezer. Looks like my extra money is almost spent already!
I enjoyed only working a half day today-- 8-11:30 with a free lunch! Slightly questionable, yet free!
I bought some blackout window treatments yesterday. The front part (facing west) of our house gets really hot in the summer and hopefully this will help out with the temperature and electricity bill. I am curious to see the results.
Well I am officially GT certified. I have to officially become a teacher now. All I have to do is take the stinkin PPR test and I'll be done.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Time for an update.... haha

Many moons ago, my sister Ashton was a toddler. Her favorite show was Barney. These were the days before having multiple TVs in a house and so when she watched Barney, we all did. The writers of this show did a great job of writing or using catchy songs that were easy to memorize...for life. Sure it's a show about a huge imaginary purple dinosaur but some good can come out of it.

I have recently had some encounters with adults that have completely lost the use of manners. "Please" and "Thank you" should not be that difficult to say. I've worked at daycares and schools long enough to hear those words said naturally by young children, or at least hear teachers forcing those words down their throats. It's funny how a simple word can change a message. For example:

"Hand me that paper." - boo!
"Please hand me that paper." - so much better! woohoo! To top it off, you can even say, "Thank you."

So simple. It can make everything better. Whenever I do things, I don't do them to purposely gain attention, however, some recognition & appreciation is nice.

Here are some rules on when to say "please":
1) When you are asking someone to do something for you.

Ok that's good enough.

Here are some rules on when to say "thank you":
1) When someone takes the time to do something for you
2) When someone spends money on you
3) When someone cooks for you
etc., etc., etc. (You should have learned this as a 3 year old)

If you are still confused, check out this song from Barney. YouTube it if you need to. It's called

"Please and Thank You."
There are lots of things
We can do to be nice,
Sometimes they're hard to remember.
But there are two little things
You should never forget,
From January through December.

He's talking 'bout please and thank you,
They're called the magic words,
If you want nice things to happen,
They're the words that should be heard,
Remember please and thank you,
'Cause they're the magic words.

Use 'em in the morning, at noon, and night,
'Cause it's a great way to be polite!
Please and thank you,
They're the magic words.

We're talking 'bout please and thank you,
They're called the magic words.
If you want nice things to happen,
They're the words that should be heard!

Remember please and thank you,
'Cause they're the magic words.
Use 'em in the morning, at noon, and night,
'Cause it's a great way to be polite!

Please and thank you,
They're the magic words.

**I am not claiming to be perfect with the words. I am married to a wonderful man with great manners and his actions constantly remind me to increase my manners.

Sweet summer time!

.... I wouldn't know anything about that! I've been at GT training all of this week and start summer school next week. After 3 weeks of that, I will be enjoying a week of Florida's sun and water. I'm sure it will be nice but bet it's no Hawaii. We'll be good and crispy for Derek & Casey's wedding, and nice and tan for Steve & Linz's the next week.

I will be teaching 8th grade math next year- a change I am looking forward to. Loved coaching, but I'll coach my kids' teams or something when that time comes along.

I got glasses and cut my hair short. I'm so wild!

I finally bought decorations to go in the bathrooms on the walls--- after 1 1/2 years of being a homeowner. I've got to make some curtains this summer and our bathroom will be almost complete. Matt is going to install crown molding-- he's so handy!

I am almost finished with the Hawaii scrapbook and am currently uploading Christmas 08 pictures to Wal-Mart to have them printed so I can begin that book.

I'll try to update again before Christmas 09!

Matt & I at Paradise Cove Luau - Oahu

Monday, February 16, 2009

Adios basketball, hello hurdles!

Basketball is already over! We finished the season 8-2 (just like volleyball). It was a really fun season and my girls are so much fun. Now it's on to track season. When I was in track, I ran the 400, 800, mile relay, and threw shot & discus.  Because of my "experience," I am now in charge of long distance and hurdles!! That's like saying, "Oh, you've eaten before. You be in charge of making wedding cakes." I have been reading lots about it and hopefully we'll be winners when it comes to these events. I'm planning on bringing my bike on some days for the long distance parts. 
We are right in the middle of painting our kitchen cabinets. We got a bunch of it done yesterday and hopefully we can get the rest done this weekend. Then we'll move on to tile back splashes, countertops, floors, etc. Tax rebate check, adios!
Time flies. My first year of teaching will be over before I know it. My first year of marriage is drawing to an end in just a few short weeks- Goin' on the second year! Time flies...
Anyone like folding clothes? There's a huge pile of clean clothes ready to be folded for any takers.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 things about me!

1. I love having people over and party planning. I wish that could be my job-- Have people come to my house to eat and hang out.
2. We are planning on watching the Super Bowl tonight on our 52 inch flat screen tv. At first I thought it was ridiculously large but I have actually grown to enjoy the size of it.
3. We have been homeowners for over a year! I love it!
4. I try to not show favorites but Marley is my baby. George is growing on me though :) 
5. My husband has become a very talented photographer. I am the one that gets to hold the extra flash. 
6. I used to be the one everywhere with a camera. Matt and Dad have taken over that role though.
7. I went skiing for the first time in about 5 years this Christmas and I was surprised how good I was :) It helps when you aren't in car accidents the day before you ski. 
8. March 8 is our one year wedding anniversary. Matt has decided to surprise me which a trip. Not sure where we are going but it's going to be lots of fun! Involves an airplane and swimsuits.
9. I beat Matt the other day in Guitar Hero on the Wii.
10. I would like to stay home every day to clean the house and have a meal on the table when Matt gets home.
11. I recently bought a sewing machine. The last time I sewed anything was in Mrs. Coker's Home Ec class in HS. I decided to sew a quilt and did it in a day. It still needs some touch up but I was impressed. 
12. I drive a Nissan Murano that does not have millions of specks of hot chocolate covering the interior. Thanks Matt!
13. I enjoy watching chick flicks. I could also watch Friends non-stop. I have all 10 seasons.
14. I don't like email or text forwards. I don't really like text messaging.
15. I hang out with crazy 13 and 14 year olds every day. I always said people who taught Jr. High were crazy.
16. I have slowly been replacing pictures in frames around the house. They all ended up being of the wedding or of just Matt and me. If you would like your picture framed, I bet I can find a place.
17. Speaking of the wedding, I love wedding planning. I love picking out things, registering, making things,...everything! However, I was not a bridezilla.
18. One day, I'd like to build a house in the country. We'll get a lab puppy or 2 then. 
19. I don't like listening to music that I don't know. 
20. I used to have a Dell laptop but now I use a Macbook. It took some time to get used to but now I like it. I just have to explain how to use it to everyone.
21. I could look at pictures all day long. Mine, friends, or even strangers
22. My favorite movie I have seen recently is Marley and Me. (I had the name Marley first) I am currently reading the book and it's just as good! Definitely not what I was expecting.
23. One of my favorite Christmas presents was a Nintendo DS. I haven't gotten to play it much recently but it's all I did over Christmas break.
24. I love finding something I know someone will love. We found several of those for family for Christmas. That was hard to keep a secret.
25. It's a good thing I married Matt because he's the one that makes sure all of the pictures in the house are hung level. I'm more of the eyeballing type.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Teachers are...

Today I was asked if I could sew from an 8th grade boy and he wasn't being sexist. He was in need of a seamstress to fix the hole that had gotten ripped in his sweatshirt.  Of course I volunteered to mend the hoodie in hopes of gaining a closer bond and some more trust with this student. He desperately needs some help and direction, and if a mended sweatshirt can be a start, well start tearing holes in them more often!!
Not only am I patching it, but I washed it and am in the process of drying it- something I'm not sure that has ever happened to it before. 8th grade boys don't always care about clean clothes!
That's what teachers are for... not only to teach in the class room but to help them out in whatever is going on in their lives. I enjoy that.
Ft. Worth Livestock Show is this weekend! It has slowly become a tradition for my family to go. This year for Christmas, we ALL got Carhartt jackets so make sure to look for all of us matching nerds! Even better, the temperature is supposed to drop some so we will actually have a reason to wear them!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm baaaaack!

Oops. Apparently I have forgotten about this. I'll catch you up in a sentence or 2. Subbed all spring, played housewife all summer, got 2 doggies (Marley the daschund and George the mini schnauzer), got a job as an 8th grade teacher and coach, got a Tahoe & Murano, got swamped by work, conquered(ing) work and athletics, Christmas break to West Virginia and Maryland, and back to school. Plus Matt. And house. And dirty dishes & laundry. And.... all of the every day life details.
We have visited the same church the past 2 weekends and have yet to hear a normal sermon yet-small groups and a special speaker. It reminds me a lot of my home church. I actually saw the sign and it reminded me of LifePoint and that's why we went. 
We had a 7th grade B team tournament this weekend and took home 1st place! I'm so proud of my girls!
Matt informed me the other day that we are going on a trip for our anniversary which falls one week before spring break. He has told me I don't need my passport but that we are flying, will be wearing swimsuits most of the time, and to bring my hiking clothes as well. He said he's not tell me much more so I will just have to wait. I'm excited!
Dinner's ready and I will return soon(er than last time)!