Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm baaaaack!

Oops. Apparently I have forgotten about this. I'll catch you up in a sentence or 2. Subbed all spring, played housewife all summer, got 2 doggies (Marley the daschund and George the mini schnauzer), got a job as an 8th grade teacher and coach, got a Tahoe & Murano, got swamped by work, conquered(ing) work and athletics, Christmas break to West Virginia and Maryland, and back to school. Plus Matt. And house. And dirty dishes & laundry. And.... all of the every day life details.
We have visited the same church the past 2 weekends and have yet to hear a normal sermon yet-small groups and a special speaker. It reminds me a lot of my home church. I actually saw the sign and it reminded me of LifePoint and that's why we went. 
We had a 7th grade B team tournament this weekend and took home 1st place! I'm so proud of my girls!
Matt informed me the other day that we are going on a trip for our anniversary which falls one week before spring break. He has told me I don't need my passport but that we are flying, will be wearing swimsuits most of the time, and to bring my hiking clothes as well. He said he's not tell me much more so I will just have to wait. I'm excited!
Dinner's ready and I will return soon(er than last time)!

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maemarie said...

Amy!! So good to know you have a blog. It's great to catch up with you. And how exciting about your anniversary trip! You'll definitely have to let us know where you go!