Monday, April 21, 2008

Random thoughts and updates...

Good morning :)

Lots has happened since the last blog including a wedding and my birthday. The wedding went just as planned for the most part and I am really enjoying married life with Matt.

The birthday was ok. I am getting to the point where it's more of an adult's birthday and it's not that big of a deal. We got a few people together to go to Gloria's in Rockwall and then some people came back to the house and hung out and spent the night.

I've actually been kind of down the past week because of work. I subbed Monday-Thursday for the same group of kids and have never been so upset with the kids as I was last week. I took Friday off and I know Matt was glad about that. I've been really bothered by the kids.

I've got to start volunteering again and being around people who enjoy what I enjoy doing. There are limited volunteer opportunities here compared to living in Arlington in the heart of DFW. But I did find out they have a Habitat for Humanity chapter here and would like to get involved with that. I have some experience with them and have really enjoyed the projects I have worked on with them.

I am planning on meeting some Greenvillians/Greenvillites (?) soon. I am going to start focusing on relationships. They are hard work, but some are worth it. I am also letting some go.

I've got to go study- I am taking my teaching test tomorrow. It's been a loooooong time since I've had to study!
Hope your Monday is marvelous!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

2 more days!

Wedding planning has a lot of weird little things that you would never think of. If I still lived in Arlington, it wouldn't be as bad because Arlington has stores. Now that I live in Greenville, I have had to make many trips to Rockwall and Mesquite because Greenville has Wal-Mart... and that's about it. Don't get me wrong-- I'm sure a Wal-Mart wedding would be nice but... blah.

We are supposed to go to Rockwall tonight to pick up Matt's tuxedo and get some final details. It's supposed to snow 2-4 inches tonight so that may be a neat trip. Some snow predicted for tomorrow and sunny for the wedding supposedly.

I am very excited about seeing some of my amigos I haven't seen in a while. Yay for the cool people coming!

I have put up a few pictures from a recent photo session. Table4 Photography did them and there are a lot more that are great!

I will see some of you at the wedding! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No more yard work for Amy!

For Valentine's Day, Matt gave me some tulips that you plant. Great idea- flowers that last longer than a week! So I got up today and turned on the news and they were talking about planting flowers and I decided that today was the day to work in the yard.

I headed to Lowe's to get a few more supplies and pulled out my gardening tools. I planted the tulips around a new bird bath and decided to plant some seeds out front. On my way there, I scooped down to pull a massive weed in the middle of the front yard when I heard my name. It was my sweet elderly neighbor just saying hi. She noticed I had pulled the weed and commented on how the people that lived in our house before worked really hard to keep the yard weed-free. Well I don't want to be the one to change that title up so after we talked I walked to the side of the house (that faces hers) and started pulling some weeds. I worked my way around the back of the house where a big thorn bush is. (This is the only picture I have of the big thorn bush from when we were looking at the house to buy-- It wasn't a huge selling point.)

So I get around about a foot away from it just pulling all of the weeds out. I had uncovered several spiders, slugs, worms, and other yucky things all around the house but they did not prepare me for my next surprise.
I saw something that stood out. It was gray. It had scales. I walked around the house to get my little shovel to poke it and hope it wasn't what I thought it was. It moved and slithered away towards the apparent snake pit. It was just a baby but I'm sure it went to tell it's mother in the pit that some big bully was poking him.
I tried to look up pictures on the internet of what kind of snake it was, but that was just creepy. I just know it was evil. I called Matt and let him know I had a project for him when he gets off of work. I hope he likes snake pits because I'm letting him get rid of this one!
Now on to something more useful, like wedding planning...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Today is a good day for love too...

I have found about 3 friends on this thingy so far and hope to find some more. So far I find it to be laid out weird and haven't conquered the basics. Usually I'm not computer illiterate but I am feelin' it!
Yesterday was Valentine's Day! I got to spend my second year with Matt as my Valentine and it was just great. We are such a laid back couple- dinner at a chinese restaurant and then a movie. We had talks of having a pizza at home but decided to splurge. :) I love him! Valentine's Day activities should happen more often. Cards, flowers, and gifts should be given more often and appreciation and love shown more often. Otherwise, you are just being cheesy and following what everyone else does. It's ok to be sweet more than one day a year!
And just to get this out, if you are single and observed Singles Awareness Day all sad and depressed, get over it. Be happy! There are so many things you can do when you are single that you can't do when you are with someone. Enjoy this time in your life. Besides, no one is going to want to date someone who acts all pitiful over a silly day!
We went to the courthouse this afternoon and got our marriage license so we can get hitched legally in 3 days and in no more than 30.
This weekend has slowly become booked. One day, I'd like to have a free weekend. One day....
My living room and crafts room are looking wild. There are wedding programs, rehearsal dinner invitations, and various other cards and wedding things everywhere and they are all in separate pieces!
Hope you have a great weeknd!

Friday, February 8, 2008

26 days and counting!

hello world... again. blogging has not been a part of my life (or anyone's) for some time now but i figure now is a perfect time to introduce it back into my life. i was recently reminded how great a blog can serve as a journal and brings back so many memories that were pushed to the back of my mind.
it has been two years since the xanga days and to say that my life has changed is an understatement... graduation, several moves and jobs, about to get married, buying a house.
speaking of the house, i am cleaning all day today with a touch of wedding stuff.

26 days left of being a Reed!