Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No more yard work for Amy!

For Valentine's Day, Matt gave me some tulips that you plant. Great idea- flowers that last longer than a week! So I got up today and turned on the news and they were talking about planting flowers and I decided that today was the day to work in the yard.

I headed to Lowe's to get a few more supplies and pulled out my gardening tools. I planted the tulips around a new bird bath and decided to plant some seeds out front. On my way there, I scooped down to pull a massive weed in the middle of the front yard when I heard my name. It was my sweet elderly neighbor just saying hi. She noticed I had pulled the weed and commented on how the people that lived in our house before worked really hard to keep the yard weed-free. Well I don't want to be the one to change that title up so after we talked I walked to the side of the house (that faces hers) and started pulling some weeds. I worked my way around the back of the house where a big thorn bush is. (This is the only picture I have of the big thorn bush from when we were looking at the house to buy-- It wasn't a huge selling point.)

So I get around about a foot away from it just pulling all of the weeds out. I had uncovered several spiders, slugs, worms, and other yucky things all around the house but they did not prepare me for my next surprise.
I saw something that stood out. It was gray. It had scales. I walked around the house to get my little shovel to poke it and hope it wasn't what I thought it was. It moved and slithered away towards the apparent snake pit. It was just a baby but I'm sure it went to tell it's mother in the pit that some big bully was poking him.
I tried to look up pictures on the internet of what kind of snake it was, but that was just creepy. I just know it was evil. I called Matt and let him know I had a project for him when he gets off of work. I hope he likes snake pits because I'm letting him get rid of this one!
Now on to something more useful, like wedding planning...

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mabailey11 said...

smamy!! i love that you have a blog now. i laughed out loud about your snake buddy. and remembered a time of sifting through our suitcases for a certain baby's mother.... :)
oh - and i switched my blog to wordpress...so it's mabailey11.wordpress.com instead of blogspot. just FYI!
love you dearly - ready to see you!