Friday, February 15, 2008

Today is a good day for love too...

I have found about 3 friends on this thingy so far and hope to find some more. So far I find it to be laid out weird and haven't conquered the basics. Usually I'm not computer illiterate but I am feelin' it!
Yesterday was Valentine's Day! I got to spend my second year with Matt as my Valentine and it was just great. We are such a laid back couple- dinner at a chinese restaurant and then a movie. We had talks of having a pizza at home but decided to splurge. :) I love him! Valentine's Day activities should happen more often. Cards, flowers, and gifts should be given more often and appreciation and love shown more often. Otherwise, you are just being cheesy and following what everyone else does. It's ok to be sweet more than one day a year!
And just to get this out, if you are single and observed Singles Awareness Day all sad and depressed, get over it. Be happy! There are so many things you can do when you are single that you can't do when you are with someone. Enjoy this time in your life. Besides, no one is going to want to date someone who acts all pitiful over a silly day!
We went to the courthouse this afternoon and got our marriage license so we can get hitched legally in 3 days and in no more than 30.
This weekend has slowly become booked. One day, I'd like to have a free weekend. One day....
My living room and crafts room are looking wild. There are wedding programs, rehearsal dinner invitations, and various other cards and wedding things everywhere and they are all in separate pieces!
Hope you have a great weeknd!

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Matt said...

you talked me into it...I love you!