Thursday, January 22, 2009

Teachers are...

Today I was asked if I could sew from an 8th grade boy and he wasn't being sexist. He was in need of a seamstress to fix the hole that had gotten ripped in his sweatshirt.  Of course I volunteered to mend the hoodie in hopes of gaining a closer bond and some more trust with this student. He desperately needs some help and direction, and if a mended sweatshirt can be a start, well start tearing holes in them more often!!
Not only am I patching it, but I washed it and am in the process of drying it- something I'm not sure that has ever happened to it before. 8th grade boys don't always care about clean clothes!
That's what teachers are for... not only to teach in the class room but to help them out in whatever is going on in their lives. I enjoy that.
Ft. Worth Livestock Show is this weekend! It has slowly become a tradition for my family to go. This year for Christmas, we ALL got Carhartt jackets so make sure to look for all of us matching nerds! Even better, the temperature is supposed to drop some so we will actually have a reason to wear them!

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