Monday, February 16, 2009

Adios basketball, hello hurdles!

Basketball is already over! We finished the season 8-2 (just like volleyball). It was a really fun season and my girls are so much fun. Now it's on to track season. When I was in track, I ran the 400, 800, mile relay, and threw shot & discus.  Because of my "experience," I am now in charge of long distance and hurdles!! That's like saying, "Oh, you've eaten before. You be in charge of making wedding cakes." I have been reading lots about it and hopefully we'll be winners when it comes to these events. I'm planning on bringing my bike on some days for the long distance parts. 
We are right in the middle of painting our kitchen cabinets. We got a bunch of it done yesterday and hopefully we can get the rest done this weekend. Then we'll move on to tile back splashes, countertops, floors, etc. Tax rebate check, adios!
Time flies. My first year of teaching will be over before I know it. My first year of marriage is drawing to an end in just a few short weeks- Goin' on the second year! Time flies...
Anyone like folding clothes? There's a huge pile of clean clothes ready to be folded for any takers.

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