Monday, June 15, 2009

Get out your pencil and paper...

I actually said those words today! It was much better to say those words than hear those words. I'm sure it would be even nicer to not do either but I'm going to enjoy this extra money. I went to Michael's yesterday to get mine and Matt's college diploma's framed for 60% off. Still very expensive! We are going to put down a patio at some point in time and we'll need outdoor furniture. My other item on my wish list is a deep freezer. Looks like my extra money is almost spent already!
I enjoyed only working a half day today-- 8-11:30 with a free lunch! Slightly questionable, yet free!
I bought some blackout window treatments yesterday. The front part (facing west) of our house gets really hot in the summer and hopefully this will help out with the temperature and electricity bill. I am curious to see the results.
Well I am officially GT certified. I have to officially become a teacher now. All I have to do is take the stinkin PPR test and I'll be done.

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